Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Impact of Northrop Grumman Purchase on Kowari Users

Several Kowari users have asked about Kowari's future since the purchase of Tucana's intellectual property. Please allow me to clarify in a public forum:

Northrop Grumman purchased, among other things, the copyright to Kowari (which makes them the copyright holder under Kowari's Mozilla Public License.

Informally, the MPL license ensures that licensees may use the code and make modifications. The applicable part of the license requires modifiers to submit modifications back to the original developer (formerly Tucana, now Northrop Grumman) if the modifications are distributed to any third party.

So, all is well for Kowari users. All you have to do is submit new modifications to the Kowari source code that you intend to distribute to Northrop Grumman instead of Tucana. No big deal. I intend to blog it when they decide who should get those modifications. Of course, IANAL, so check with one if you like.

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