Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Introductory JSON-LD Videos

The prolific Manu Sporny has created a useful series of videos explaining JSON-LD, the preferred format for representing structured data on the Web. JSON-LD is a serialization of the RDF data model, which allows it to be much more than just a format.

Here are Manu's videos:

  • What is Linked Data? A short non-technical introduction to Linked Data, Google's Knowledge Graph, and Facebook's Open Graph Protocol.
  • What is JSON-LD? A short introduction to JSON-LD for Web developers, designers, and hobbyists. It covers how to express basic Linked Data in JSON.
  • JSON-LD: Compaction and Expansion An overview of JSON-LD's compaction and expansion features and how you can use them to merge data from multiple sources.
  • JSON-LD: Core Markup An overview of some of the core markup features of JSON-LD including types, aliasing, nesting, and internationalization support.