Monday, August 02, 2010

New Book in Pre-Production

Linking Enterprise Data is an edited volume contributed by worldwide leaders in Semantic Web research, standards development and early adopters of Semantic Web standards and techniques. Linking enterprise data is the application of World Wide Web architecture principles to real-world information management issues faced by commercial, not-for-profit and government enterprises.

I edited this book for Springer and the publisher has created a Web site for it as it enters production.

Springer seems to think the book won't be out until 2011, but I'm hoping on November because I'll be speaking at a conference then and would like to see it out.

I have been given the rights to put the entire book's content on the Web and plan to do so as Linked Data sometime shortly.

Leaving Zepheira

I have decided to leave Zepheira and seek employment elsewhere. Uche, Eric, Bernadette and I have worked closely together over the last couple of months to arrange a clean transition for me. With my current projects at or near an end, this seemed like a good time. My last official day as an employee of Zepheira was 31 July.

I wish Zepheira well and believe I am leaving at a time when the company is strong and their future looks bright.

The future for me is a bit less certain at the moment, but I'm speaking with a number of good people. More when a decision has been made, probably in late August around my birthday. In the meantime, I've updated my resume and Linked In profile as I make the rounds.

Feel free to contact me or leave a comment if you know of exciting opportunities.