Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Linking Enterprise Data Book on the Web

The book Linking Enterprise Data is now on the Web in its entirety at

You can buy print or ebook versions at Springer or Amazon:

Thursday, October 07, 2010

Call for Chapters: Linking Government Data

I'm working on a new contributed book to be entitled Linking_Government_Data. Please see the Call for Chapters if you have any interest in contributing.

A primary goal of this book is to highlight both costs and benefits to broader society of the publication of raw data to the Web by government agencies. How might the use of government Linked Data by the Fourth Estate of the public press change societies? How can agencies fulfill their missions with less cost? How must intra-agency culture change to allow public presentation of Linked Data?

Starting at Talis

I am very pleased to have accepted a job offer at Talis. I'll be helping to stand up a new U.S. subsidiary for them and will continue to focus my efforts on the evolving Linked Data market, both in relation to government transparency and its use in commercial markets.