Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Consulting to Northrop Grumman

Northrop appears to be quite serious about becoming a Semantic Web company. They have retained my consulting company, Software Memetics, to train them on TKS internals, consult regarding future releases, help define new features and even to help them with their relationship with Kowari.

Former Tucana engineer Paul Gearon is in the US now to start the source code turnover. Andrae Muys will be coming to the US next month to continue that effort. Frequent NoFluffJustStuff contributor and JavaOne speaker Brian Sletten and author/entrepreneur Darren Govoni and I will be conducting the long term strategy and feature work.

I expected them to ask for a source code turnover, but I certainly didn't expect them to make such a serious monetary commitment. Between the purchase of the Tucana IP, their significant internal spending and all this consulting, they have laid down some serious dough. It is awesome to see Semantic Web technologies making such an impact in the federal market. The big question on my mind is what they have planned for the commercial sector. Stay tuned.


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