Thursday, March 03, 2005

SWBP&D Working Group Face-to-Face Meeting

The Semantic Web Best Practices and Deployment Working Group held its third face-to-face meeting 3-4 March 2005 in Boston. A lot was accomplished, as is common with face-to-face meetings. Teleconferencing, email, IRC and IM aside, people still work fastest with people in the same room.

The Ontology Engineering and Patterns Task Force continues to be the most actively publishing task force. Two documents are moving to W3C Note status shortly, pending final editorial review: Representing Classes As Property Values on the Semantic Web and Representing Specified Values in OWL: "value partitions" and "value sets". Please note that newer editor's drafts exist to both documents. Those links should be updated shortly.

The RDF/Topic Maps Interoperability Task Force is moving their RDF/TM Survey to Working Draft status shortly. It will end up as a W3C Note. A guidelines document for RDF/TM mapping should follow.

More good stuff seems like it will be coming soon.


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