Sunday, March 27, 2005

Kowari Overview Paper Accepted to XTech 2005

I am pleased to say that the Kowari overview paper that I wrote with Paul Gearon and Tom Adams has been accepted to XTech 2005. The conference was formerly called XML Europe and will be held in Amsterdam in May. The paper was entitled "Kowari: A Platform for Semantic Web Storage and Analysis".

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  1. Hi,

    I am an ICT Consultant specialized in Mobile Platforms : I have three favorite Domains I would like to see emerge in the Mobile world
    1) P2P architecture whatever the net (Wifi, 3G, Bluetooth)
    2) OSGi Java SOA platform
    3) RDF/OWL Data Model

    So my questions is two fold about this wonderful tool Kowari is :
    1) Do you know plans to "Bundlelize" Kowari as OSGi Services Interfaces ???
    2) Are you aware of plans to develop an Semi-Hardware XA Store for PDA/UPC(Sony Type U, oQo...)
    optimized to develop a complete data model based on RDF/OWL (Files...) a bit like Microsoft is trying to do with WinFS ???