Tuesday, February 15, 2005

WWW2005 Panel: Can the Semantic Web be Made to Flourish?

I will be convening a panel at WWW 2005 entitled "Can the Semantic Web be Made to Flourish?". The panel has been accepted and will consist of the following panelists: Zavisa Bjelogrlic (Co-founder, @semantics), Bernadette Hyland (Co-founder, Tucana Technologies), Prof. Jim Hendler (Director, MIND Lab, University of Maryland) and Kanzaki Masahide (Consultant, Kanzaki.com). It may be possible to line up another panelist and I am trying to do so.

The panel will try to address the contentious issue of the uptake of the Semantic Web. This clearly relates to my work at the W3C Semantic Web Best Practices & Deployment Working Group. We will discuss business as well as technical barriers to adoption.

WWW 2005 will be held 10-14 May 2005 in Chiba, Japan. The panel is currently scheduled for sometime on 11 May.

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