Thursday, October 02, 2008

Dulles TSA Lets Leatherman Squirt Slip By

Knives on a plane? Believe it.

I flew from Dulles International Airport on Monday and forgot to remove my Leatherman Squirt from my keyring. I put my keys in a bin with my shoes when passing through security and the TSA simply didn't notice. Neither did I until I was on the plane :/


  1. Do you WANT to end up on a watch (or no-fly) list?!? :-)

  2. I had a similar experience recently flying return Brisbane to Sydney. I carry on a pack I use for mountain biking, which contains a tool kit. The tool kit includes a knife, shifting spanner, several replacement spokes, multi-tool (allen keys, screw drivers, etc.), bits of wire (holding broken chain together) and random other bits and pieces.

    I got through Brisbane fine, however on the return flight got caught in Sydney. I told the guy that I got through Brisbane, and he informed me that they often find items that passengers have taken through other airport security (he implied BNE & MEL in particular were lax).

    I was in a particularly foul mood having been bumped off my flight, waiting in an "express" line for over an hour (causing me to miss a function for Vienne), so I argued with him for a bit. He said they don't allow "tools" on board. He wasn't able to give me the definition of a "tool", he just repeated the line.

    He offered to dispose of the toolkit, or, for me to check my baggage in. I opted for the latter.

    No all I need to do is remember to remove the tool kit before the next flight!