Friday, December 29, 2006

Nasty Apple Mail Bug

Update, 3 January 2007: Apple knew about this and had it filed under Bug ID# 3725615.

Setting the "Image Size" for a Mail attachment in a Mail compose window can modify the file names of non-image attachments.

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Start Mail
2. Open a New Message window
3. Attach a PDF file
4. Attach a JPEG image
5. Select the "Image Size" select widget in the lower right of the compose window and change the setting to "small" or "medium".
6. Observe that the PDF attachment's filename has changed to '.jpg' instead of the correct value of '.pdf'.

Expected Results:
Changing the image appearance in a mail message should only impact image attachments. Further, no filenames should be changed when changing the image size since that action should only change the message view, not the underlying content.

Actual Results:
The filename of the PDF attachment was changed, although the MIME type was not. The changed filename promulgated to the sent message.

Tested on Mail serision 2.1 (752/752.2) and 2.1.1 (752.3). The problem exists on both versions.

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