Monday, June 19, 2006

Comparing Mapquest and Google Maps

I have used MapQuest for a long while (in Internet terms), but thought I would give Google Maps a try. The result? An extra hour from Columbus, OH to Chicago, an extra hour from my parents house to Columbus and an extra hour from my house to my parents. Yuck! I think they took the Beta marker off a bit soon.

Both routes and times on route were off. I can generally beat or match MapQuest times as it is. Perhaps the Google Maps time algorithm thinks I'm traveling with my wife and kids...


  1. agree with you. here are some of my posts

  2. mapquest was terrible when it started years ago. There was hardly any certainty that the directions were going to take you where you wanted to go. Presently, mapquest is usually very accurate on the correct directions and length of time to get there.