Saturday, May 13, 2006

State of the SemWeb According to Google Trends

Weeble introduced me to Google Trends, a new way of tracking trends of Web search terms.

A search for "Semantic Web" yielded some interesting and surprising results. Firstly, the search term activity seemed to have peaked a couple of years ago. Perhaps that is not surprising since that was when RDF and OWL were standardized. Secondly, the regions which lead the pack in searching for the term are:

1. Korea
2. Greece
3. Iran
4. Ireland
5. Singapore
6. India
7. Austria
8. Malaysia
9. Taiwan
10. Hong Kong

Now, I knew that the Europeans were ahead of the US, so Greece, Ireland and Austria didn't surprise me, nor did the US's absence. Korea, Singapore, India, Malaysia, Taiwan and Hong Kong are all well-known high-techers, so that's OK. But Iran?

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