Monday, April 24, 2006

China and Asymmetrical Warfare

Victor Corpus, a former Phillipine armed forces chief of intelligence, wrote an interesting peice for the Asia Times Online entitled, "If it comes to a shooting war ..." about a potential shooting war between the US and China. There were ideas of interest; (a) Foriegn military officers are seriously considering the consequences of the current US policy of pre-emptive strike and (b) America's military might is insufficient to achieve its stated goals. The latter point was made by way of highlighting American forces vulnerability to asymmetrical warfare.

One aspect of assymetical warfare was certainly demonstrated on 11 September 2001. A handful of terrorists conducted a very effective bombing raid on New York City, killing thousands. Nations, however, can also conduct asymmetrical warfare. The Center for Nonproliferation Studies reported on China's anti-sattelite weapons capability in this article: China's Space Capabilities and the Strategic Logic of Anti-Satellite Weapons

Thanks to Nova Spivack for blogging a pointer to the first story.

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