Saturday, February 11, 2006

Broken Nose and Bruised Ego

It was the strangest morning. We normally spend an hour doing Tae Kwon Do each Saturday morning and today was no exception. I didn't particularly want to go and neither did my eight-year-old son Aidan. Bernadette did and we went anyway. As is normal for a Saturday, we warmed up playing games during the family class, such as dodge ball. It makes a nice change from stretching, running and calisthenics.

About ten minutes into the games, Bernadette held Aidan in front of her to avoid getting hit. She was, of course, just playing. Aidan over-reacted and head-butted her. Hard. He did, in fact, break her nose. She heard it crack and bled nicely all over the mat.

Two hours in the Loudoun County Hospital were sufficient to determine that the break was present, minor and no significant deviation of the bone occurred. Unbelievably, he hit her far enough up on the bone that the septum does not appear to have deviated either. That means she is likely to recover without surgery. Whew!

Aidan feels horrible and Bernadette is doped up on Tylenol with Codine. *Sigh*. The family that plays together...

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