Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Kowari v1.1 Pre-release Feature Peek

Kowari version 1.1 is finally close to completion. We expect a code freeze in October, with the release following shortly thereafter. I have posted a quick overview at Sourceforge.

1 comment:

  1. This is good news, David. I like
    Kowari a lot. It's a big job,
    and I'm glad y'all are sticking
    with it.

    I hope that jettisoning Jena makes
    Kowari smaller and tighter. My
    main issue with Kowari 1.0 was that
    it was a bit...unwieldy, and not
    quite all the examples worked
    perfectly out of the box. Having
    fewer examples that all work,
    every time, would be a confidence

    The Krule RDFS/OWL support sounds
    great! I wonder: did you consider
    and reject Mindswap's Pellet (cuz
    it doesn't do RDFS or cuz it's too
    slow?) I guess maybe that's a
    question for Paul...

    Congratulations on the Northrop
    sale, too. I just saw that.

    - Stu Baurmann