Friday, May 13, 2005

Named Graphs at WWW 2005

Jeremy Carroll from HP presented his paper on Named Graphs, Provenence and Trust. His co-authors were Chris Bizer (of D2RMap fame), Pat Hayes of IHMC and Patrick Stickler of Nokia. I am pleased to see that Tucana's decision to name graphs (in 2001) has finally been given some support from people who have done the math. Many of the potential applications that Jeremy suggested, such as access control, passing of graphs, referencing of graphs in RDF, etc, have been implemented for some time in Kowari.

WWW 2005 has not yet put the paper on the Web, but an older version of the paper appears to be here. This paper was (wrongly, I think) originally rejected by ISWC 2004.

It is interesting to note that a couple of students from Italy had a poster showing how one could define a minimally self-defined graph (MSG) and digitally sign it. They did not resort to naming graphs to allow the definition of the graphs. Their paper is here.

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