Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Driving on the umm, Right

I have recently noticed that in countries that drive on the left the
pedestrian traffic generally bares to the right. In countries that
drive on the right, the pedestrian traffic also tends to the right. I
found that counterintuitive until I realized that pedestrians will also
tend to the right when entering movie theatres, which is blamed to the
propensity toward right-handedness. If human society is of
predominantly right-handed people and right-handers tend to the right,
then I think Britain got it wrong; we should all drive on the right.

The seemingly natural movement of people to the direction of their
handedness is particularly complicated in left-driving cultures by the
placement of up pedestrian escalators on the left. Have you ever
watched the traffic jams at the bottom? Even when people are
experienced, they seem to happen more often than in right-driving

Sorry left handers!

1 comment:

  1. As left handed and rather stubborn I always walk on the left hand side when walking in a left sided country and people better watch out if they don't. At the Brisbane Mall it's definately a left side bias.

    I think the general rule is that people just wander aimlessly.